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Monday, December 2, 2013

YOGURT in the crock pot and oven

This is WONDERFUL creamy yogurt and nice and thick

I found the how to online

I used organic whole milk and regular plain Dannon yogurt as a starter using 1/2 a cup of the yogurt and 7 cups of organic whole milk letting it incubate 24 hours for the SCD  (specific carb diet)

Here is the how to:    Note--I used a 40 watt light bulb in my oven. AND I DID NOT HAVE TO STRAIN IT--IT WAS NICE AND THICK!

Go to the site for the complete detailed how tos!!! I kindof sterilize stuff with boiling water first.  here is the summary for my use:

  1. I fill my large Crock Pot about 3/4 full or apx 3/4 of a gallon of milk.  I have a little hole in my lid and insert a meat thermometer. 
  2. Turn the Crock Pot on High and cover, let the milk heat to 185-190 degrees.  Sometimes mine goes a little higher.  It's fine as long as you don't scorch the milk.  You want it to just begin to simmer on the outside edges. (mine takes about 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours}
  3. Now let the milk cool in the covered Crock Pot until it registers 110-115 degrees.  You should be able to stick your finger in and hold it for 10 seconds without burning. It must be cool enough before you add the starter or the heat will kill the beneficial bacteria. (mine takes about 2 hours left in frig in crock pot}
  4. Put the 1/2 cup of yogurt starter in a small bowl and add a cup of the warm milk, a little at a time to temper, or if using a dry starter follow the package directions.
  5. Stir the small bowl of yogurt milk mixture into the large pot of your Crock Pot.
  6. Put the cover on the Crock Pot and place in your (110 degree) warm oven with the light on.  Snugly cover the pot with a blanket or several large beach towels.  Some people replace the light bulb with a 60 watt but mine does fine as is. 
  7. Leave the covered Crock Pot in the oven for 24 hours in order to get the full benefit of the lactose eating bacteria.  Keep the door closed and the light on.   Having an oven thermometer is helpful too. 
  8. After 24 hours remove the pot and either strain for Greek yogurt or ladle directly into clean containers.  Refrigerate  

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