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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Potato Quickie Salsa type lunch

Poowee--this is good and very FAST but the pic loaded sidewise.
This is very good and full of flavor and only take 6 minutes. My picture was hurried and thus not so pretty. It was taken before adding the chili powder which adds pretty color and flavor. I found the idea from BHG but changed it a tiny bit.
I used the above Tequila lime salsa in it--a few tsp for my bowl
I used the above Southwestern style corn called for with corn , black beans, onions, redbell peppers and lime juice. HOWEVER the can has a white lining which I hear is not too healthy--so next time I think I will mix my own.

For one serving:

1 good sized sized sweet potoato
1/2 of a eleven ounce can of Southwestern style corn (make own with corn, black beans, onions, and some Red Bell pepper and lime)
Chili powder
Fresh cilantro leaves if desired (or dried ones--I used dried because I was in a hurry)

Microwave potato until done (I have low powered microwave and it took 5 minutes). Remove the skin and slice while heating the Southwestern style corn.

Mix the sweet potato, corn mix, sprinkle with chili powder and salsa and toss. Add Avacacos and Tomatoes. If you eat Sour cream you can add a dollip of that too. Cilantro if desired

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