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Friday, October 24, 2008

Eggplant/mushroom tomato polenta (low fat, gluten free)

This is one of our favorite meatless meals---wonderful. It tastes similar to eggplant parmasean but much lower in fat!!

We used the pre-made polenta which I found at Walmart near the tofu. It is an organic brand. You simply slice it up and heat it in microwave, oven or in the pan. My iron skillet works great--doesn't require any oil. Or to make polenta from scratch go here:

or here for a nice herbed polenta:
I sauteed some baby eggplant with some mushrooms and sprinkled them with oregano. I added some minced garlic when the veggies were nearly done. Just cook until nice and done and a little brown--I didn't have to use any oil in my iron skillet.
You place the polenta with your favorite spaghetti sauce and top with the eggplant mushroom combo!! It was great. We used my meatless low fat spaghetti sauce found:


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nannykim said...

Oh, thanks, cool.