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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lentil and ham soup for the Crock pot

 This was a nice thick soup. The ham gave it a nice flavor. I usually make my lentil soups without ham, so this one was a treat--a bit more hearty. I had some ham left over in the freezer from Christmas! I should have cleaned up the edges of the bowl in that picture , but I forgot until the last minute to take the shot. The recipe said it makes 6 servings but it really made 3 1/2 large soup bowls----we like big bowls!

The recipe is found here

Here are the ingredients:--NOTE: I used less ham. I also cooked mine on high for two hours since some at the link said their veggies didn't cook all the way. I am not sure it was necessary. Different crock pots may cook faster than others. She said to cook it 11 hours on low. You just throw everything into the pot. Go to the link if you want more info or want to read the comments. My family loved this.

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