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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quinoa Vegetable Soup

I like this because it only takes about 20-30 minutes to cook so it is easy to assemble for lunch! This is great because it is gluten free and Quinoa is a complete protein.

4 cups of water
1/4 cup of quinoa that is not cooked, but rinsed
1/2 cup carrots, diced (more if desired--I did 2 medium carrots)
1/4 cup celery , diced (I did one large celery stalk)
2 Tbs, onions, chopped (I did about half a medium one)
1/4 cup green pepper diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 Tbs oil
1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped (instead I did a 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes that had
garlic and onion in them.
1/2 cup cabbage, chopped (I added more like a cup)
1 tsp salt, if desired
Parsley to garnish at end if desired
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (Lea and Perrins is gluten free)
a few drops of Texaspete (a red pepper hot sauce)
dash of paprika if desired
I like to add a few potatoes to this dish also

1. Saute quinoa (uncooked), carrots, celery , onions, green pepper,garlic in oil until golden brown---ACTUALLY--I sauted them , but not until golden--I added the garlic at the end of this.

2. Add water, tomatoes (with juice if using can), and cabbage and bring to a boil. Add potatoes if using. Add a dash of paprika if desired. Simmer 20-30 minutes. Add salt to taste, along with Worcestershire sauce and texaspete if desired.

Serves 4-6

Ps. You can add other veggies if desired. This is a good basic soup.There may be more recipes at

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Mimi said...

Since I started using quinoa, I'm always on the look out for new recipes. This looks like a tasty soup.