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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zucchini/sweetpotato/chickpea/tomato curry

I found this from the Eat, Drink and be Vegan cookbook. Here is a view of it while it is cooking
Here is a view of it on what I call the coconut rice

I liked this dish served with some Mango Chutney I found in Food Lion's specialty aisle. The squeezed lime is a must for it also--adds to the flavor. I need to use the full amount of spices as the recipe listed, it is not overly spicy. The curry recipe is on page 151 of the book. The coconut lime basmati rice is on 157. The rice recipe is a nice different one using brown basmati rice, a can of light coconut milk , water , lime juice , lime zest---pretty neat. I didn't know if I could publish the recipe, but it is in the book or I guess you could ask me for it?


Anonymous said...

i;d appreciate if you would print the chickpea recipe. my e-mail

nannykim said...

ok --I emailed you so let me know if you get it or whatever