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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving meatless loaf from

(this is good--but I have found another recipe that cooks up better for me and it is very good and it is found here;=--

However we did really loved this one pictured above. It doesn't look as pretty as fatfreevegan's but it does taste really good. We used the gravy she refers to on the link I give below which will give the meatless gluten free loaf recipe. My hubby said it is the best meatless loaf he has had and he went back for seconds and then took some to work today! Mine took a lot longer to bake than hers because I put mine in a pan! She doesn't---so go look at hers. The only thing I changed is I had no quinoa flakes so I used oatmeal (you can buy GF oats). Here is her link with the recipe:

I cooked this again , not using a pan. Here is a picture below of it NOT COOKED

We love this recipe and we enjoy it very crusty on the outside.


Kifus said...

Both my sisters are vegetarians so I think I'll forward this recipe to them. Maybe I'll give it a try as well! ;)

nannykim said...

Better one here;