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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creamy Sage Butternut Squash with Pasta

Ok--I really like THIS-- I couldn't wait to try this. I made a creamy sage butternut squash in the post below found here: THIS WOULD PROBABLY BE GREAT STUFFED IN SHELLS TOO.

The sauce in the post mentioned
pasta noodles of your choosing (cooked)
nutritional yeast or parmesian cheese
salt and pepper
You toss some of the sauce with some pasta (I used Gluten free Ziti and Spaghetti noodles) and you sprinkle a little nutritional yeast (or Parmesian Cheese) on it. Add salt and pepper. It is a great way to have squash!! Tastes similar to mac and cheese!! The sage goes so well with Butternut Squash. I also sprinkled some toasted pinenuts on top (this really added a lot more flavor)!!
We had a walnut/apple/greens salad too.

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