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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes

 photo 3363ae85-f242-4aff-8bb7-dc9b4f5f83c5.jpg Such a tasty way to have sweet potatoes:  photo 148fcd5d-8759-4519-92d8-fc87af3d1b2f.jpg and  photo ec3e7d0c-260d-4162-ad11-3f5fb11af56a.jpg Here is the link:HTTP://MINIMALISTBAKER.COM/MEDITERRANEAN-BAKED-SWEET-POTATOES/

Note--next time I might try it without the smoked paprika , but it was good that way too. Also it took my Sweet potatoes much longer to cook.  More like 45 minutes or longer.  If the potatoes are larger than small ones, add the chickpeas a bit later!

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