Sunday, October 5, 2008

Butter pea soup

I really liked this soup and the second picture below doesn't do it justice---also I made a mess putting it in the bowl and slopping it; but this blog is for me anyways!! I used a can of Lord Chesterfield's tomato , okra and corn which I found at my local IGA. It only had 15 mg of salt and it was very tasty in the dish.
1 can of the above tomato/corn/okra
2-3 cups of baby butter peas (cooked)
3-4 medium potatoes cut in small chunks
salt and pepper as desired
a little extra corn added is good too.
Cut up the potatoes and just cover them with water.Cook 10 minutes until tender. Leaving the water in the pot with the potatoes, add 2 or 3 cups of cooked butter peas. Add the can of tomato/corn/okra. Add extra corn if desired.Heat till warm. Add the amount of seasoning you want. I like more curry and my husband likes less. You can just sprinkle it over your own bowl. The flavor was good and it was a hearty way to have these vegies in a soup!

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