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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kidney beans in the Crock Pot

This is crazy, but these are crazy good! I love them just cooked this way! The flavors of the seasoning make these so nice. But I will use some in soup too.

This Makes about 6 cups of beans (you use 1 pound of dried beans.

The night before soak the beans in the refrigerator overnight, covering them so 2 inches of water is over the top of the beans.

Presoaking is a must for kidney beans because some have some "poison" like stuff that needs to be drained off or you may feel a bit sickish!


Drain off the liquid your beans soaked in. You may want to then boil them ten minutes in fresh water before adding them to the crock---read the note below in red
Make a flavor base by sautéing for 5 minutes:

   1 large onion
    3 large garlic cloves , sliced up
    a sprinkle of chili powder if desired.

In the crock pot place:

1 pound of pre-soaked beans
7-8 cups of fresh water
The sautéed onion and garlic
Smoked paprika (sprinkling some in---this has a huge impact on the flavor--you can order it online)

Cook on high for about 4 hours or until beans are nice and tender. It is better to cook on high then on low because of the higher temp related to the note below:

NOTE: Kidney beans are more toxic
than most other bean varieties if not pre-soaked and subsequently heated to the boiling point for at least 10 minutes  You can google to find out more information. FDA site:
NOTE: The following procedure has been recommended by the PHLS to render kidney, and other, beans safe for consumption:
Soak in water for at least 5 hours.
Pour away the water.
Boil briskly in fresh water, with occasional stirring, for at least 10 minutes 

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