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Saturday, February 13, 2016

pulled BQ carrots from veganosity

This is awesome ---a pulled BQ sandwhich made of carrots and onions and not pork!! But the flavor is out of this world. I had it today with my home made fresh slaw and a bit of hummus. I can't say enough about it.  Here is the link:

Things I altered in mine---use 1/2 the white pepper and no cayenne or other pepper from adobe. Used pizza sauce in place of the regular (this may have added a lot of heat). Used lemon instead of lime. Used 1 bag of the shredded carrot and cooked it an extra 25 minutes allowing some browning by removing foil last 5 min.

Pulled BBQ-Carrots with Homemade BBQ Sauce! Yes! This recipe is made with carrots and red onion. It's so meaty, chewy, healthy, and delicious. Perfect for the Super Bowl game. My non-vegan husband loved it!